An Astrological Font

I would like to learn to make a font, or rather several. Here are some of my astro-logical (‘stellar logic’!) thoughts.

Basically, I want to
• Learn and practise making fonts and art
• Have more free/open fonts available
• Be able to choose between different glyphs of the same symbol character
• Be able to use it for classical and modern “Western”, “Chinese” and “Indic/Vedic” astrology (because of my non-knowledge I’d probably prioritise the Latin Western and Devanagari Indic, and as time and knowledge permits continue with CJK, Tibetan, &c. — now, if these thoughts ever come to fruition that is)

• Normal / Book
• Bold
• Italic / Cursive / Script
• Mono
• Narrow / Condensed
• Wide
• Fraktur

• Graphite (free/open)
• OpenType

• Numerals (Arabic, CJK, Devanagari, Latin, “Roman”, &c.)
• Letters, a few (Devanagari, Latin, &c.)
• Signs (both abstract and concrete, as well as something in-between)
• Planets
• Aspects
• Phases of the Moon (incl. rotated variants depending on latitude)
• Elements
• Asterisms
• Various other symbols

• Free/open license (OFL, GPL+font, or similar)
• Only use free/open software in creating the font(s)



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